MoMA PS1 Ralph Ueltzhoeffer   Barbara Kruger
Project Textportrait "Web 2.0" - by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer MoMA PS1   "Unmaking the World" by Barbara Kruger
  Ralph Ueltzhoeffer - Barbara Kruger "The Art of Words"    
  Typography is much more than just graphic design or illustration with some text thrown in. It’s an art form in itself that combines carefully chosen and arranged fonts with visual elements, sometimes as a relatively straightforward communication device and sometimes as artistic expression. These examples of typography artwork embody a broad variety of techniques and styles, but they’re all brilliant. Explore how words are expressed in art through the art itself, the object titles and the words elicited by thoughts, emotions and ideas about the art.    
  Barbara Kruger  
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  Born 1945, Newark, New Jersey
Studied at Syracuse University and Parsons School of Design
Lives and works in New York, New York and Los Angeles, California
  The large, bold artworks of Barbara Kruger assimilate images taken from the deluge of mass media in contemporary society. Pictures and words derived from television, film, newspapers and magazines comprise the media's powerful ability to communicate. Using these same media effects and strategies in a critical way, Kruger creates her own sexual, social and political messages, effectively challenging the stereotypical ways the mass media influences society's notions about gender roles, socials relationships and political issues.
  Ralph Ueltzhoeffer    
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  Born 1966, Mannheim, Germany
Studied at Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe
Lives and works in Mannheim, Germany and London, United Kingdom

In the “Textportraits” images and words are equally used to generate a portrait, understood as the visual representation of an individual. Combining the miscellaneous digital information he composes portraits using the word ”missing” referring to the trait of human cognition to hide daily routine perceptions in “blind spots”. Ralph Ueltzhoeffer’s artistic research is dedicated to the relationship of visual and written information in the digital sphere and their relevance for the beliefs one produces from these data. His search for new forms synchronizing visual and written information reacts and reflects on the internet as an open and central source of information in times of globalization and digitalization of data. In the synopses of visible and readable information he engenders visuals which require new perceptional approaches.

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  Barbara Kruger    
Your body is a battleground - Barbara Kruger   Barbara Kruger Exhibitions
"Your body is a battleground" by Barbara Kruger   "Gewalt lässt uns vergessen" by Barbara Kruger
No - Barbara Kruger   Art Real Estate
"No" by Barbara Kruger   "Real Estate Art" by Barbara Kruger
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  Ralph Ueltzhoeffer    
Exhibition ICA Center London   Exhibition View: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
"dubious informations" by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer   "Identity" by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
Rausch - Ralph Ueltzhoeffer   Artwork by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
"Rausch" by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer   "Deutschland 1937" by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
Web 2.0 Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
"Web 2.0 ", Exhibition/Installation at Hauser & Wirth, Zürich by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer
Exhibitions and Installations by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer in Art Magazine:, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Portrait: Christoph Schlingensief, Artinstallation at Clyfford Still Museum Denver, "The Schlingensief Portrait". Biographical informations about conceptual artist Christoph Schlingensief (The Venice Biennale 2003-2012). With the exhibition title:"Church of Fear", German conceptual artist.
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  Web-art-project "TEXT PORTRAIT" (2007-2010) 923 days Internet Art Project “TEXT PORTRAIT“. On August 22nd, 2006 the first and to this day only art project started which exclusively deals with the worldwide global networking, the internet and the therewith connected medial elements. Ralph Ueltzhoeffer on Artnet. First Textportraits (2001-2006) DAVID BECKHAM CAMERON DIAZ STEVE JOBS... 11. September - Ueltzhoeffer | photography (Web-art-project "Textportrait") | Verzeichnis aktueller Kunstausstellungen - Kunst Ausstellung (Current Exhibitions). Art - Exhibitions at ARTOPSENT | Schule-BW |

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